This Sunday

Here are the stories for this week. Each segment will include a summary, some follow-up wondering questions for home, a memory verse if you’d like to work on memorizing those and occasional ideas to further the study through the week as a family.

Several of the suggestions are from the curricula’s parent pages. Click Here to order some for your own use at home!

Beulah Land: Ruth
Memory Verse: Ruth 4:14
Summary: Your child will hear the story of God’s faithfulness to two women who were alone, depressed and in need of a kinsman-redeemer. You can find this story in the Old Testament book of Ruth.
I Wonder… : Why Ruth wanted to stay with Naomi instead of going back to her own parents? What it was like for Ruth to be an outsider in her new city? Why Boaz was kind to Ruth? Why this story is important to know?
Additional Followup: This is another great story to re-read and act out! We’ve often been pitched the story of Ruth as a bit of a romantic, damsel-in-distress tale. It’s far from that! Here is a great book for parents who want to learn more.

Godly Play I & II: Jesus and the 12
Memory Verse: Acts 1: 13b-14
Summary: We are going back to the New Testament in our spiral curriculum since we weren’t able to finish these last Spring. This Sunday’s lesson is about the 12 Disciples and how they helped spread the Gospel after Jesus ascended into heaven. This lesson will review each of the disciples, how they met Jesus, how they continued his ministry and how they died.
I Wonder…: Why Jesus called these men to follow him? What they thought of Jesus? How they felt when he died and resurrected? Why they wanted to carry the good news about Jesus to other people? why we sometimes call disciples, “apostles”.
Additional Followup: This lesson uses Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Maybe you could pull up the image at home and ask your child to tell you about the disciples. Try to name all 12. Look together in Scripture for passages that tell you about them. (Here are two to start with: Matthew 10:2-4 and Acts 1:13-14.) Smaller kids might want to draw a picture of the disciples and try to name them.

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