This Sunday

Here are the stories for this week. Each segment will include a summary, some follow-up wondering questions for home, a memory verse if you’d like to work on memorizing those and occasional ideas to further the study through the week as a family.

Several of the suggestions are from the curricula’s parent pages. Click Here to order some for your own use at home!

Beulah Land: Samuel
Memory Verse: 1 Samuel 3:10
Summary: Today’s story is about the birth and calling of Samuel to serve in the tabernacle and become a great prophet.
I Wonder… : why Hannah promised to take Samuel to the tent? if she wanted to? if Samuel wanted to? what it was like for Samuel to hear God call his name? if this story reminds you of any other stories.

Godly Play I & II: Mystery of Pentecost
Memory Verse: Acts 2:4
Summary: We are going back to the New Testament in our spiral curriculum since we weren’t able to finish these last Spring. This Sunday’s lesson is about Pentecost. This story begins with the Tower of Babel and shattering of a common language. It ends with the Holy Spirit descending on the early followers of Christ and the spread of Christianity.
I Wonder…: who the Holy Spirit is? what it means to have ‘tongues of fire’? what this story has to do with you? if you have ever come close to something like Pentecost?
Additional Followup: Fun Fact: Red is usually worn and used in decoration for Pentecost. Ask your child what color on the church calendar we use for Pentecost. If they’ve been in Godly Play before, they’ll know! Many denominations have historically viewed Pentecost as the birthday of the church. It’s the first recording we have of new believers in groups together, devoted to “the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, breaking of bread and to prayer”. Read Acts 2 with your family and wonder what the early church was like. Give thanks that God sent Holy Spirit to help us.

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