This Sunday: November 8th

Here are the stories for this week. Each segment will include a summary, some follow-up wondering questions for home, a memory verse if you’d like to work on memorizing those and occasional ideas to further the study through the week as a family.

Several of the suggestions are from the curricula’s parent pages. Click Here to order some for your own use at home!

Beulah Land: Jesus Story Book Bible’s The Terrible Lie

  • Memory Verse: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23
  • Summary: This is the 2nd week of an 8-week break from our Beulah Land Curriculum. We are using the Jesus StoryBook Bible (JSB) in its place. Children will hear the story of Adam, Eve and the Fall this Sunday. Each week, the storyteller will read through the story once. Then the children will act out the story as the storyteller reads the account through a second time! We are practicing at church one way to engage your children with Scripture at home.
  • I Wonder… : what part of this story you like best? which part is most important?
  • At home: If you’d like to re-read this account at home, you can find it in the JSB pp. 27-37. You could also read it from another bible. You can act out the story or draw it. Sin and exile are heavy topics explored in this story. If you are curious about ways to talk about them at home, let me know!

Godly Play I: The Ark and the Tent

Isn't it interesting to see what the tabernacle looked like?!
The Tabernacle from Godly Play
  • Memory Verse: I will dwell among the Israelites and be their God. Exodus 29:45
  • Summary: This week’s lesson focuses on the presence of God with the Israelites. Your children will discuss the way God commanded Moses and the Israelites to set up the tabernacle. As you may recall, the people were afraid to approach Mount Sinai. God would not leave his people, but He is also too holy to be addressed in an ordinary way. An important phrase repeated in this lesson is, God made a way for the people to come near.
  • I wonder…: what are ways we prepare to listen to God? how we prepare to hear from God on Sundays? how we get ready to listen for God everyday when we wake up? how God comes close to us?
  • Other followup: Use this time to practice getting ready! Identify something that helps you slow down so you can pray and listen. Maybe it’s a physical item you can hold. Maybe it’s a candle that you like to smell. Maybe you like to dim the lights. Your child might have something that helps them, too! Children LOVE routines and traditions. If you want to create your own Ark and Tent, do it out of play doh or like you would build a fort. Remember this story as we creep closer to Advent… God has made a way to be with His people.

Godly Play II: The Story of Abraham

The Story of Abraham
The Story of Abraham from Godly Play
  • Memory Verse: God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering. Genesis 22:8
  • Summary: This week, your child will hear an overview of the story of Abraham. This story highlights the birth of Isaac to barren Abraham and Sarah, God testing Abraham, and the promise of God to make Abraham into a great nation. You can find this account in Genesis 12:24- 25:11.
  • I Wonder…: why it took so long for Abraham to have a son? what it was like to hear that he needed to sacrifice his son? where else in the bible you’ve heard about a sacrifice of a son?
  • Additional Follow-up: Have you ever considered having an intentional time each week to talk with your children about faith? Kids often have an easier time paying attention when they can hold something in their hands or transition into a different environment intended for a particular purpose. I wonder what it would be like to create a pretend “campfire” in a room, find some time to be intentional about sitting around it and tell stories from Scripture? HERE is one you could make, though it doesn’t even have to be anything more than a wadded up blanket!

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