This Sunday: January 24th

Beulah Land: Jesus’s Ministry and Disciples

Ghirlandaio, 1481
Ghirlandaio, 1481
  • Memory Verse: Jesus said, “Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Mark 1:17
  • Summary: We are delving deeper into Gospel stories. This week, Beulah Land kids will learn that Jesus called certain men to be his disciples. They will also hear that Jesus was sent to show people that “God’s love is always enough.” An interesting thing you might like to know is that New Testament stories begin with the call for listeners to “hear the story and let it change you”. In addition, the stories of Jesus’s Ministry all include this phrase, “Filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus went out among the people.”
  • I Wonder… : what Jesus meant about “fishing for people”? what it feels like to be called by Jesus? what it is like to “hear the story and let it change you”?
  • Additional Follow-up: “Fish” for things around your house. As you collect them, talk about what you do with things that belong to you. How do you treat them? Where do you put them? What things are most important to you? I wonder what God meant when he said “fish for people”?

Godly Play I: Parable of the Great Pearl

Youtube Still of the Story
  • Memory Verse: When he found the pearl, he sold all that he had and bought it. Matthew 13:46
  • Summary: Today our parable journey takes us to Matthew 13:45-46, a short story about selling all that one has in order to obtain something of great value. Interesting to note: in this story set, the pearl of great value is not the biggest one. From the story: “Our culture holds up big things for us to admire…big homes, big bank accounts…greatness has to do with more than size.”
  • I Wonder…:  what the pearl could really be? if the man knew right away the pearl was more valuable than everything he owned? what is so precious that someone would sell EVERYTHING to have it? if you have ever been close to something so valuable?

Godly Play II: Jesus Feeds the 5000

From Worship Woodworks
From Worship Woodworks
  • Memory Verse: When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Mark 6:34
  • Summary: Our older kids are taking a break from parables today in order to hear a miracle story! Jesus and the disciples are followed by an enormous crowd. Jesus teaches them and meets their physical needs with a meal made from five loaves and two fish. You can find this story in Mark 6:30-44 and John 6:1-15
  • I Wonder…:  what made Jesus want to stay with the crowd? how there was food leftover? what the disciples thought? if you have heard of God providing bread for his people before?
  • At Home: Do you ever use a commentary? Those are helpful for studying Scripture. For example, the Reformation Study Bible points out that Jesus’ reference to seeing the crowd like “sheep without a shepherd” is what God promised to do in Ezekiel 34. Seeing connections and patterns through scripture is a good thing. Where else have you seen themes of shepherd? Provision of food? The number twelve?


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