This Sunday: January 31st

Beulah Land: Marriage at Cana

  • Memory Verse: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb! Revelation 19:9
  • Summary: Today’s lesson is from John 2:1-12. It’s the recording of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding banquet. Again, children will hear the words that what Jesus provides is “enough and more than enough.”
  • I Wonder… : what is so special about a wedding? if you have ever been to one? why it was not good to run out of wine? what it was like when Jesus told them to fill up the jars with water when they needed wine?
  • Additional Follow-up: For little kids– talk about weddings. What happens at weddings? Show pictures of your’s or another family member’s wedding. If you want to pull in older siblings, do some research about Jewish weddings during the ministry of Jesus to see how they differ from the ones we are familiar with.   Parents, I wonder why John records Jesus’ first miracle at the Cana wedding?

Godly Play I: Parable of the Mustard Seed

  • Memory Verse: It is like mustard seed which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree and the birds of the air perched in its branches. Luke 13:19
  • Summary: Today’s parable is the Mustard Seed. You can find it in Mark 4, and Luke 13. This is a VERY short parable that gives us much to consider! We will give each child a tiny mustard seed of their own to bring home and wonder about.
  • I Wonder…:  if the person who put the tiny seed into the ground has a name? if the birds have names? what the tree, birds, nests, all of it, could really be?
  • Additional Followup: A fact: Something interesting to know is that mustard trees of the eastern world grow and spread quickly. They can take over fields quite easily. An activity: plant something! Gardening, even in a cup on your windowsill, provides ample opportunity to talk about faith with children.

Godly Play II: Jesus Heals the Paralytic

From Worship Woodworks
From Worship Woodworks
  • Memory Verse: So that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins–he said to the paralytic–‘I say to you, rise up, pick up your bed, and go home.’- Mark 2:10-11
  • Summary: Today’s miracle story tells about Jesus healing a Paralytic man. It can be found in Mark 2, Matthew 9 and Luke 5. There is so much to glean from this story about Jesus’ power and authority, sin, faith, loyal friendship, etc. It gives us so much to wonder about! I think kids will really enjoying working with this set as the story sinks in…the roof lifts off of the house!
  • I Wonder…:  what this paralyzed man was like? what his life was like? who took care of him? how his friends decided to carry him to Jesus? what Jesus means when he says he has authority to forgive sins? why he forgave his sins and made him walk again? how this is about the way of God’s kingdom? how this story is about you?
  • At Home: Research what homes were like during the ministry of Jesus. This can give you a starting place. Make a replica out of a shoebox to use for telling and retelling of this story at home. Talk about the life of someone who has special physical needs. What would like be like for them? Why would Jesus healing both physical and spiritual disease be important?

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