Lent at Home

Photo from: Art, Lent and Kids from CIVA.org
Art, Lent and Kids from CIVA.org


Ash Wednesday is this week, kicking off the season of Lent. Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for the wonderful mystery of Easter! For 40 days, Christians all over the world will focus on a special time of reflection, fasting, prayer, repentance and giving.

Several might ask if we should we do these things year ’round? Yes, totally! We are Easter people. Lent is simply a season in which we pause and pay extra attention. It is an intentional conversation in the midst of the everyday discourse about these important topics. Because we believe Easter is vital to our faith and lives, we prepare to celebrate in a special way each year. Lent isn’t required for faith, rather, it is a way to help deepen our faith as we wonder over salvation. Spiritual disciplines like repentance, prayer, fasting and giving offer us opportunities to grow.

In Godly Play, we will begin a series called “Faces of Easter” in which we review stories of Jesus Christ’s journey to the cross and resurrection. In Beulah Land, our three-year-olds will once again see the spiral that led a pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. This time the center is Jerusalem, and we will see Christ making his way there. We anticipate His coming during Advent and now we anticipate the fullness of redemption because of his death and resurrection during Lent.

The picture above is from Christians in the Visual Arts. THIS LINK will take you to a podcast about art, children and Lent. In addition, there are several resources to use on a Pinterest board HERE. Lastly, for you last minute folks (takes one to know one!) a local Birmingham artist has created a Lenten guide for children! Look HERE at her etsy shop to purchase and download the sheets. Feel free to use any of these ideas as launching pads for ways to encounter Lent as a family!

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