This Sunday: June 5th

Beulah Land: The Beginning

  • Memory Verse: In the beginning, God made heaven and earth. Genesis 1:1
  • Summary: Over the summer, we are breaking from our regular felt board lessons and hearing a story from the Jesus Story Book Bible. Today’s story is the Creation account found in Genesis 1-2. You can find it on pages 18-27 in the JSB.
  • I Wonder… : what it was like to be there at the beginning? your favorite part of creation? the most important part of creation? why God made all things?

Godly Play I & II: Catechism I

  • Summary: Today we move into our summer rhythm of learning Catechism questions and answers! A few things to know about Catechism:
    • Children will remain in the same Godly Play classes, but instead of having a Godly Play lesson each week, they will learn a set of questions and answers.
    • Older kids will learn more Q&A sets than the younger kids.
    • These classes are taught by our elders and deacons in order to give our RMC Kids Team a summer sabbatical and to have an additional opportunity to shepherd our RMC kids.
    • The children will bring home a worksheet to help with further study. Please feel free to review it along with the questions at home!
    • To learn more about why we teach Catechism, look HERE.

Catechism Questions This Week

  • Godly Play I:
    • 14: Where do we learn how to love and obey God? In the Bible alone.
  • Godly Play II:
    • 58: What must you do to be saved? I must repent of my sin and believe in Christ as my Savior
    • 59: How do you repent of your sin? I must be sorry for my sin and hate and forsake it.
    • 60: Why must you hate and forsake your sin? Because sin displeases God.
    • 61: What does it mean to believe in Christ? To trust in Christ alone for my salvation.
    • 62: Can you repent and believe in Christ by your own power? No. I cannot repent and believe unless the Holy Spirit changes my heart.
    • 63: How can you get the help of the Holy Spirit? God has told us to pray for the Holy Spirit’s Help.

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