This Sunday: June 26

Beulah Land: Forgiving Prince

  • Memory Verse: You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good. Genesis 50: 20a
  • Summary: Over the summer, we are breaking from our regular felt board lessons and hearing a story from the Jesus Story Book Bible. Today’s story is about Joseph and his brothers, found in Genesis 37-50. This is found on pp. 76-83 in the JSB.
  • I Wonder… : what it is like to have so many brothers or sisters? why Joseph’s brothers did not like him? what Joseph means when he says that his brothers intended to harm him, but that God used it for good?

Godly Play I & II: Catechism I

  • Summary: Today we move into our summer rhythm of learning Catechism questions and answers! A few things to know about Catechism:
    • Children will remain in the same Godly Play classes, but instead of having a Godly Play lesson each week, they will learn a set of questions and answers.
    • Older kids will learn more Q&A sets than the younger kids.
    • These classes are taught by our elders and deacons in order to give our RMC Kids Team a summer sabbatical and to have an additional opportunity to shepherd our RMC kids.
    • The children will bring home a worksheet to help with further study. Please feel free to review it along with the questions at home!
    • To learn more about why we teach Catechism, look HERE.

Catechism Questions This Week

  • Godly Play I:
    • Review of 14: Where do you learn how to love and obey God? In the Bible alone.
    • Review of 15: Who wrote the Bible? Chosen men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • Godly Play II:
    • 73: Why do you need Christ as your prophet? Because I am ignorant by nature.
    • 74: Why do you need Christ as your priest? Because I am guilty of breaking God’s law.
    • 75:Why do you need Christ as your king? Because I am weak and helpless.

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