Ordinary Time: September 18th

Beulah Land: Noah and the Flood
He remembers His covenant forever… Psalms 105:8a

Summary: This is the story about God’s promise to Noah (and us!) to never destroy the earth again. The story of Noah and the Flood contains the third major covenant in the Old Testament. It referred to by scholars as the “Noahic Covenant.” You can find this story in Genesis 6:5-9:16.

Wondering: I wonder what it was like on an ark with animals? I wonder which animal you like best? I wonder if you know of other places in the bible where there is something about water? I wonder if there is a part of the story that is about you?

Family Followup: Fun Fact: It took 120 years for Noah to build his ark! And he was 601-years-old when he finally was able to get out of the ark! (See Gen 9:13-16) Why don’t you and your child try to build your own ark? See if it will float! Or draw a picture of an ark or a rainbow. Look for rainbows when you are driving around with your child. Thank God for His promise to never send such a flood again.

Hymn of the Month: We are practicing a hymn each week with our Beulah Land kids so they can become more familiar with the songs they’ll be singing with our entire congregation one day. Since they are usually downstairs for the Sanctus, we’ll start there this month! Find the song HERE to practice at home!

Godly Play I: Creation

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Summary: This is the account of how all things were made. With this lesson we begin to trace the presence of God in the story of His people. It is taken from Genesis 1:1- 2:3.


Wondering: I wonder which part of the story you like best? I wonder which part you like best? I wonder which part He is most proud of? I wonder what are some things you are thankful for in creation?

Family Followup: As we encounter this story, we find ourselves wondering! What can we know of the Creator by His creation? Go for a nature walk with your child and note what all He has made. Stop and draw a picture of it. Ask if they remember the day that was created.

Godly Play II: Story of Joseph

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20

Summary: This story is about the life of Joseph. It is found in Genesis 37- 50. When Joseph’s brothers sell him to slave traffickers after he tells them about his dreams, they are surprised to meet him again many years later. One important piece of information we receive in Joseph’s story is the background of how the Israelites found themselves in Egypt.


Wondering: I wonder what Joseph’s brothers thought and felt when Joseph told them his dreams? I wonder why Jacob loved Joseph more than his brothers? I wonder what it was like for Joseph to be sold? I wonder what Joseph meant when he said that God had a plan for him to be in Egypt? I wonder what God is teaching us through Joseph’s story?

Family Followup: There are so many themes to explore from Joseph’s story (sibling rivalry, faithfulness to God, God turning what was meant for bad for good, etc.)! It’s easier for kids to hold a longer conversation when they are moving or doing something with their hands. Maybe you can make a coat of many colors and talk about those themes. I thought THIS ONE was cute.

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