Ordinary Time: Sunday, November 13th

Beulah Land: David
The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts. Psalm 28:7a

Summary: Today’s story is about David defeating Goliath. It is a fun telling complete with wondering about how TALL Goliath was and how BIG his feet were and how WIDE his shield was! All confronted by the sure faith of a shepherd boy who is appalled that anyone, large or small, would dare mock the living God. Indeed, it is by the power of God that the weak and seemingly foolish shame the strong. This story may be found in 1 Samuel 9, 16-17.

Wondering: I wonder if David was afraid of the giant? I wonder if the giant was afraid of David? I wonder what it is like to “trust the Lord with joy”? I wonder if this story reminds you of any other story?

Family Followup: Re-read the story together at home from your bible. This would be an interesting account to imagine together. Draw a picture of the giant and David. Talk about strength being found in the Lord rather than size. Please note, this is a big concept for 3-year-olds to grasp. Big = strong in their minds (and in their reality for a bigger person could literally pick them up and move them!). What a thing to wonder for them… and what a thing for us adults to remember. Even the smallest are important to God.

Hymn of the Month: Our November hymn of the month is Be Thou My Vision. We will start with the first verse for now. Find the song HERE to practice at home!

Godly Play I: Prophets
Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Amos 5:24

Summary: This lesson is an introduction to lessons about the prophets. From Godly Play…”Sometimes the people of God forget who they are. They hide from God, and pretend God isn’t there. Sometimes they even worship other gods. There are also people God spoke to. These people are called prophets. They tell people what God wants His people to know.”

Wondering: I wonder what is important about the prophets? I wonder what it was like to give messages to God’s people? I wonder why the people of God did not always stay close to God? I wonder what God wanted His people to know?

Family Followup: Use the prophet flashcard game! Your child may not know all of the symbols (since their class did not cover all of the prophets this year) but it’s fine to go ahead and begin to learn about them! They’ll get those stories as they go through Godly Play over the next few years.

Godly Play II: Daniel

God reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him. Daniel 2:22

Note: This is our sixth week studying a prophet in GP II. From Godly Play notes… “In Jeremiah 18:18, the people say that priests teach and wise men give advice, but the prophet speaks the “word” or message of God. A secular messenger of those times, who spoke on behalf of a king, used traditional messenger-speech, first naming the one spoken for, then using the first-person voice to recite the message. Prophet spoke the same way: they identified themselves as speaking for God, then spoke “with God’s voice” on behalf of God to the audience God had chosen for the message.”

Summary: This week’s story is about the prophet Daniel. He was a prophet to God’s people while they were in exile in Babylon. Daniel happened to be placed in the king’s court because of his God-granted abilities to interpret dreams and visions. Despite persecution by the Babylonians, Daniel was faithful to God and sharing the messages God gave him.

Wondering: I wonder what it was like to be Daniel? I wonder what it was like to see visions from God? I wonder what it was like to tell the Babylonians messages from God when he knew they would be angry with him? I wonder what it was like for Daniel to be in the lion’s den?

Family Followup: Review the Prophets Flashcard Game at home! You can also read from the book of Daniel. The most popular story about Daniel is his encounter with the lion’s den, but there are several more important parts of his story such as faithfulness to God, courage that comes from God, and the promise of being God’s people forever.

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