Ordinary Time: July 16

Beulah Land: Summer Around the Campfire

Over the summer we are using the book, Long Story Short, to review some Old Testament stories. This book is designed for families with children of various ages to use as a devotional. On the first day of the week, it explores a passage, then builds on this passage through the rest of the week. We hope this makes an easy bridge from church to home as you continue to engage your children in a discussion about the Bible. We will also have a memory verse each week!

Summary: This week, we complete our brief study of the kings with the fall of Jerusalem. We will introduce the prophet Jeremiah. You can find this account in 2 Kings 23:31-24:20/ 2 Chronicles 36:1-21, Jeremiah 25:1-11 and 23:1-8 and starting on p. 478 in Long Story Short.

The books suggests setting up a stack of blocks or dominoes. Show your children that if you build the tower with one block on top of each other, it will stand. If you build the tower with a block off center here and there, soon the tower will collapse. This is a good way to explain how the tower is like God’s people. Obeying God is like building a strong tower with one block on top of the next. Disobeying God is building the tower with a block off center. Eventually Jerusalem fell because they did not obey God.

I wonder…: what is a prophet? why Jeremiah cried sad tears? who is this king Jeremiah spoke about?

Memory Verse: The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him. Lamentations 3:25a

This isn’t only about the kings, but includes them! Learning this song would be a good way to help your child memorize the linage of Jesus from Matthew.

Godly Play I & II: Catechism I

Today we move into our summer rhythm of learning Catechism questions and answers! A few things to know about Catechism:

  • Children will remain in the same Godly Play classes, but instead of having a Godly Play lesson each week, they will learn a set of questions and answers.
  • Older kids will learn more Q&A sets than the younger kids.
  • These classes are taught by our elders in order for them to have an additional opportunity to shepherd our RMC kids, as well as to give our RMC Kids Team a summer sabbatical. RMC Kids Volunteers will help with some doorkeeping roles.
  • The children will bring home a worksheet to help with further study. Please feel free to review it along with the questions at home!
  • To learn more about why we teach Catechism, look HERE.

Catechism Questions This Week

Godly Play I:

  • 38: How sinful are you by nature? I am corrupt in every part of my being
  • 39: What is the sinful nature we inherit from Adam called? Original sin

Godly Play II:

  • 126: How many sacraments are there? Two
  • 127: What are they? Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • 128: Who appointed these sacraments? The Lord Jesus Christ
  • 129: Why did Christ appoint these sacraments? To distinguish his people from the world, and to comfort and strengthen them.

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