Ordinary Time: October, 1st

Godly Play I: Creation

Verse: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Summary: This is the account of how all things were made. With this lesson we begin to trace the presence of God in the story of His people. It is taken from Genesis 1:1- 2:3.

Wondering: I wonder which part of the story you like best? I wonder which part of creation God is most proud of? I wonder what are some things you are thankful for in creation?

Family Follow-up: As we encounter this story, we find ourselves wondering! What can we know of the Creator by His creation? Go for a nature walk with your child and note what all He has made. Pray, giving thanks for the gifts God has given us in His created world.

Godly Play II: The Story of Abraham

Verse: He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations. Psalm 105:8

Summary: This week your child will hear an overview of the account of Abraham. This story highlights the birth of Isaac to barren Abraham and Sarah, God testing Abraham, and the promise of God to make Abraham into a great nation. You can find this account in Genesis 12:24- 25:11.

Wondering: I wonder what it was like for Abraham to wait for a son? I wonder where else in the bible you have heard about the sacrifice of a son?

Family Follow-up: Look out and try to count the stars. Or grains in a handful of sand. That’s a lot of people in God’s family! Read Psalm 105 together.

Godly Play III: Knowing Jesus in a New Way

Verse: I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. John 10:11

Summary: Today we continue in our new story set that walks us through the days between Jesus’ resurrection to Pentecost. It’s called Knowing Jesus in a New Way. The lesson will briefly review the last three weeks then focus on Jesus’ appearance to the disciples in Galilee as they were fishing. This is the story in which Peter is asked three times by Jesus if he loved Jesus. You can find it in John 21:1-23

Wondering: I wonder why the disciples went back to fishing? I wonder how they caught so many fish? I wonder what made Peter jumped out of the boat? I wonder how Jesus decided to ask Peter three times if he loved him?

Family Follow-up: Read this passage together. I wonder in scripture where else Peter encountered three questions? I wonder where else he has been referred to as Simon son of…? I wonder where else in scripture we see similarities such as fishing, disciples on a boat, Jesus on water, Jesus on the shore, etc.?

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