Ordinary Time: November 26th

All Godly Play Classes will start our Advent series this week. Godly Play will not meet on Christmas Eve Sunday. Therefore, even though Advent officially begins NEXT Sunday, 12/3, we are beginning this four part series today in order to receive the whole story before Christmas.


The season of Advent is a time set aside in the church calendar for members to prepare themselves to engage the mystery of the Incarnation. Advent helps teach us what it means to long and wait for the arrival of Jesus. Rather than rushing through the holiday season, Christians slow down to remember and receive the promise of full redemption and rejoice in the hope of Christ. This helps us learn to look for his second coming. The Godly Play lessons during these four weeks of waiting and watching will reflect on the parties important to the birth of Christ.

Advent I: The Prophets

Summary: Today’s lesson focuses on the prophets who foretold the Incarnation. It is different from other Godly Play lessons because there are no wondering questions at the end. The reason for this is to heighten the mystery of Christmas as we build up to THE DAY we have been waiting for!

I Wonder…: I wonder what the prophets thought was going to happen in Bethlehem? I wonder what it was like to wait for so long for some thing to happen? I wonder if you remember anything from the stories of prophets that might be about Christ? I wonder if you’ve ever had to wait a long time for something? I wonder what it means to be waiting for Jesus now…didn’t he already come?

Follow-Up: Make an advent wreath together! Or put out 4 candles and light one each Sunday of Advent. Check out the RMC Kids Advent pinterest page for more ideas. If you participated in the Jesse Tree Ornament Swap last year, don’t forget to start your tree on Sunday, 12/3!

Parents, where do you long for Christ’s presence to be known in your family? What needs to be disrupted in your daily routine to make space for this hope? What would you really be anticipating if you took away all of the Christmas rushing? Ask God: What does it mean that you are Emmanuel, “Christ with us”?

Music: Don’t forget our beloved Rain for Roots’ Waiting Songs Album! And save the date for our own Advent Hymn Sing, December 21st.

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