Ordinary Time: Sunday, September 4

Welcome back to Fall with RMC Kids!

Just as a reminder, this Sunday is “Move-Up Sunday”. That means this is the time of year when kids age into their new classes and we go back to our school-year curriculum.

Here are the offerings:
Nursery: 8 weeks-2 years
Beulah Land: 3-year-olds
Godly Play I: PreK- K (usually 4 and 5-year-olds)
Godly Play II: 1st-3rd Grade
Upper Elementary Class: 4th and 5th Grade*
Youth: 6th Grade and Up*
*Please note that Upper Elementary and Youth meet every other Sunday at 4pm. They remain in the downstairs worship service for the entire duration.

This is also Ordinary Time. That’s our green, growing season (hence green window coverings upstairs and green scrolls on our Communion table downstairs!). We will rest and learn here until Advent begins in late November.


This blog is for parents and RMC Kids volunteers to stay in the loop of what goes on each week in our classes so you can followup at home. Each week, I’ll include a memory verse related to the story, as well as a few suggested wondering questions and continued family followup… all in case you’d like to continue study at home! Hope it helps!

Beulah Land: Creation
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Summary: This is a telling of Creation found in Genesis 1:1-2:2. Your children will hear about how out of nothing, God created everything. And it was good!

Wondering: I wonder what it was like for there to have been nothing? I wonder where God came from? I wonder what God is most proud of making? I wonder what you enjoy most in God’s creation?

Family Followup: Creation is glorious and mysterious! Where did God get those ideas? How did He make something from nothing? Immediately we are all thrown into wonder! Who is this God and who are we to Him? As you explore this story with your child at home this week, allow yourself to learn from him or her as wonder inevitably occurs. Here are some fun ideas: Take a nature walk with your child. Observe together what God has made. Draw a picture of an animal. Draw a map of the moon and stars. As you eat a meal, thank God for the food He created.

Hymn of the Month: We are practicing a hymn each week with our Beulah Land kids so they can become more familiar with the songs they’ll be singing with our entire congregation one day. Since they are usually downstairs for the Sanctus, we’ll start there this month! Find the song HERE to practice at home!

Godly Play I: Circle of the Church Year
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Summary: This lesson sets the context for the whole year. Each year, the Church moves through a circle of memory and expectation to open themselves to the presence of God. In the Godly Play classroom, we pay attention to this circle of movement each week to help orient our focus firstly to the Lord, rather than all of the things we have on our calendars. The calendar is meant for rest and reflection.

liturgical calendar  Our Calendars   200_CCY_CALENDAR

Wondering: I wonder which color you like best? I wonder what happens during green? I wonder which color is the most important time? I wonder why we tell Church time?

Family Followup: Make a calendar at home! HERE and HERE are some examples. Each week as you enter the sanctuary and get ready for the service, make it a part of your rhythm to identify the color cloth on our Communion Table. Have your child remind you what those colors mean again.

Godly Play II: Books of the Bible

All Scripture is God-breathed and useful in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Summary: This lesson is an overview of the books of the Bible. The storyteller will describe how the books are ordered and encourage children to learn them so they can know how to look up passages and stories in God’s Word.

GP 297 Books of the Bible 2015

Wondering: I wonder which book you like best? I wonder what all of these books are about? I wonder if we left out one, if we’d have everything we need? I wonder what God wants us to get from these books?

Family Followup: How about some books of the bible memorization? If it helps, break down the sections (e.g., memorize the major prophets this week, next week, the minors!). If you need help look HERE or HERE. There are also MANY songs out there to help you with memorization. Some are very cheesy. I thought THIS ONE was pretty good. It has a happy ukulele.

Lent at Home

Photo from: Art, Lent and Kids from CIVA.org
Art, Lent and Kids from CIVA.org


Ash Wednesday is this week, kicking off the season of Lent. Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for the wonderful mystery of Easter! For 40 days, Christians all over the world will focus on a special time of reflection, fasting, prayer, repentance and giving.

Several might ask if we should we do these things year ’round? Yes, totally! We are Easter people. Lent is simply a season in which we pause and pay extra attention. It is an intentional conversation in the midst of the everyday discourse about these important topics. Because we believe Easter is vital to our faith and lives, we prepare to celebrate in a special way each year. Lent isn’t required for faith, rather, it is a way to help deepen our faith as we wonder over salvation. Spiritual disciplines like repentance, prayer, fasting and giving offer us opportunities to grow.

In Godly Play, we will begin a series called “Faces of Easter” in which we review stories of Jesus Christ’s journey to the cross and resurrection. In Beulah Land, our three-year-olds will once again see the spiral that led a pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. This time the center is Jerusalem, and we will see Christ making his way there. We anticipate His coming during Advent and now we anticipate the fullness of redemption because of his death and resurrection during Lent.

The picture above is from Christians in the Visual Arts. THIS LINK will take you to a podcast about art, children and Lent. In addition, there are several resources to use on a Pinterest board HERE. Lastly, for you last minute folks (takes one to know one!) a local Birmingham artist has created a Lenten guide for children! Look HERE at her etsy shop to purchase and download the sheets. Feel free to use any of these ideas as launching pads for ways to encounter Lent as a family!