Godly Play

Godly PlayWhat is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a Montessori-based curriculum that uses “a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance.” (Godly Play Foundation)

Godly Play utilizes a method of storytelling that encourages children to encounter Scripture in a way that facilitates listening for God as He pursues us. It also invites children to respond to God in the best way children know how–play!

 Godly Play does not exist to entertain children while adults get a “real lesson”. Nor does Godly Play aim to simply help children memorize biblical facts. Instead it invites children to be curious about bible stories, explore how those stories connect to the meta-narrative of Scripture, and consider personal theological meaning.

Godly Play is used in many churches and in many denominations. The information about Godly Play on this blog is about how we have adapted Godly Play to fit our particular denomination and our specific congregation. For the most part, however, it looks similar to others. We’ve just tweaked it here and there. To learn more, look here.